Martin Luther Comes to Bergstrasse
October 29, 2017
10:30 a.m.

Who better to assist us in celebrating the 500th Anniversary of our Lutheran Reformation than Martin Luther himself! On October 29, Reformation Sunday, Russ Kuhn (who some of you know as a substitute handbell player) will portray Martin Luther as he delivers a fiery, historic discourse outlining the trials of the 16th century European church, his personal belief and actions, and his profound confidence that God will continue in his faithful care of all peoples throughout the ages.

During this Sunday morning service, we will also welcome guest organist Gene Traas. Gene currently serves as Director of Music Ministry at Calvary Lutheran Church in Brookfield, Wisconsin and is delighted to come share his musical talents and abilities with our congregation. He will lead us through song and praise as we sing many of Luther’s hymns and will direct our choir and handbells as they present “Built on a Rock” by Al Fedak. A rousing prelude “Fugue a la Gigue” (Buxtehude) and postlude "Giant Fugue” (J.S. Bach) are sure to make your spirits soar at this celebration of our Lutheran heritage.

As Luther was convinced that worship is the greatest and most loving service we can perform for God, and thus, the greatest power the church has, let us come this day to remember, give thanks, and celebrate our Lord.

Gene Traas
Gene Traas is the Director of Music Ministry at Calvary Lutheran Church in Brookfield, Wisconsin, where he oversees the music program, directs Calvary’s adult choir and handbell choir, and regularly plays their 1998 Lynn Dobson organ.

Born and educated in New Jersey, Gene C. Traas received a B.S. in Music Education, majoring in organ, from William Paterson College; a M.M. in Church Music from Westminster Choir College; and an M.A. in Theology, majoring in music, from New Brunswick Theological Seminary where he graduated Cum Laude. Mr. Traas also earned the CAGO designation through the American Guild of Organists’ Certification Examination Program. He has studied with John R. Rodland, Donald McDonald, Harald Vogel, David Drinkwater and Martin Jean.

He has held music posts in Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Reformed, Episcopal and Presbyterian churches, as well as a Reform synagogue.

Gene has one published hymn tune, Rodland, which was published in the 1984 Reformed Church in America hymnal Rejoice in the Lord. His Trumpet Tune in G is published in The Milwaukee Organ Book, a volume published as a scholarship fundraiser by the Milwaukee Chapter of the American Guild of Organists.

Gene also occasionally performs live music for silent films and radio theatre. Most recently he accompanied Fritz Lang's Metropolis, learning the score by ear and basing his accompaniment on themes on the score.

Always seeking further education, he is a commercial pilot and flight instructor—not much of a stretch, when you consider that other mass of metals, wires and woods he negotiates with his hands and feet—and teaches out of Spring City Aviation, Burlington WI.

Gene lives in Waukesha, Wisconsin, with his wife, Laura, and four shelter rescue cats.


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